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Welcome to the Official Entry Point Wiki created by 123robotroblox. This is a wiki devoted to the ROBLOX game, Nevada's Project: The New Agency, which can be found here.


Nevada's Project: The New Agency is a new thirdperson shooter stealth/action game being developed by GreenLight Studio, the game mainly inspired by Krinkles ( The creator of Madness Combat) and Madness: Project Nexus. Join the ranks of PNA (Project Nexus Agency) or ANA (Anti Nexus Agency) as an mercenary, and enter a world of madness and mayhem. Group up with other operatives as you work together and complete your objectives - Either silently, or with all the firepower you can bring. The main storyline will consist of 10 missions.


  • Characters
  • Techniques
  • Ranks ( A.A.H.W. Mode only)
  • Items
  • Accessories
  • Assignments
  • Architectures

Tips and Hint

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  • Dedmos
  • Badges


Latest activity

Up and Comming Mode in NP-TNA

Up and Comming Mode in NP:TNA GreenLight Studio Present ZED MODE A brutal Mode with endless Mad Hostiles, The more waves you survived the more will comes! Can you survive?

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